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Staying safe on the internet

Anti-virus software is no longer 100% effective against the latest generation of viruses and malware. Backups will help you protect your data, but can also be damaged by some viruses and an infection can still result in some data loss. Scammers are becoming more effective and adept at taking money and data from businesses all the time. The only way to stay safe from these threats is to be careful and vigilant whilst using your machine.

Email viruses and scams
If you receive an email that you’re concerned about that is:

– Written in poor English or doesn’t make sense
– Unexpected and not in relation to any of your marketing campaigns
– Sitting in your junk email

Please make sure that you do not open any files or links contained within it. If you are suspicious, then respond to the sender asking for clarification of the file or link you’ve been sent.

Website and services Log In details
If you are sent emails from a company that you have a log in with, for example your bank, HMRC or a shopping site (like Amazon or PayPal), always go to the site and log in – never use the links provided in an email message. If the company wants you for something important they’ll make it known once you log in. It’s fairly common for attackers to create very realistic login pages that only exist to steal your password and username.

Financial Scams
A growing number of scams are targeting businesses, with messages appearing to come from directors to the finance department asking for transfers. The data appears to be gathered from LinkedIn and other public sources. Always set up a password between yourselves for transfers or ensure that instructions for new payees are only given verbally to ensure that you don’t transfer money directly into compromised bank accounts.

We’ll always do our best to help you, but scammers and viruses are getting more skilled all the time and damage to data or a loss of money can be irreversible. Make sure that you stay vigilant, and if you’re not sure then ask us and we’ll happily take a look for you.

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