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Multi factor authentication in Office 365

Multi factor authentication allows you account to be kept secure by using multiple methods to check that it’s you logging in. When you log in to use webmail or any of the services at portal.office.com, you’ll be asked to authenticate using a second device (usually a mobile phone or tablet).

You can authenticate in multiple ways, using text messages, phone calls or a specific app that you pair to your account on Office365. We recommend that you set up as many of these methods as possible to ensure that you don’t get locked out of your account.

You will also need to set up passwords for applications that can’t use the same method of authentication, including Outlook on your laptop or desktop, and the mail applications on tablets and smartphones. These use individual long complex passwords that you can enter and save and are specific to that device. They allow the service to cut access to your account if your security has been compromised.

The settings for authentication and the creation of application passwords are all managed at a central website by you, and can’t be accessed by an administrator. It’s all quite straightforward, just click on the link below and follow the instructions – give us a call if you run into any problems.


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